Craft Beer with a Higher Calling our story!
As told by an innocent bystander...
In all honesty, this is not a short story, but I will do my best to be brief. In the spring 2013, three lads from the Salt Lake area began dreaming about creating a brewery. All from different backgrounds and interests, they had a powerful force in common. You probably think I am going to say craft beer, but you would be wrong (well two of them did have that in common). Music was the connecting force. All of them had children that played music together. Good music; classic rock, progressive, alternative and even pop and R & B. Often when they would get together, at friends houses, clubs, and event venues they would talk about the idea of opening a brewery, as one of them was a accomplished home brewer (his name is Sean, more to come about Sean soon!) and he would share his crafty creations with friends. It became clear that there was a interest (thirst) for these heavenly brews. So the three lads decided to put into place a plan to build a brewery so that more folks could enjoy the bounty. Thus, Canyon Brewing Co. is born. By the summer of 2014, the plans began to materialize; a location was spotted, the initial brew house equipment was found (a 10HL system coming from Czechoslovakia) and our dreams of brewing craft beer with a pioneering spirit became a reality. Canyon Brewing brought together a talented, seasoned and committed team of individuals. Sean Landis is a successful brewer, He began brewing beer over 25 years ago, at the
very beginning of the home brew movement. He put that aside until 2012 when he took
up brewing again with a vengeance. Sean has brewed about 20 different styles of beer
in the last year, and the total is growing rapidly. Sean's Twin Peaks Doppelbock
recently placed 2nd in show out of 600 beers at the Utah Beehive Brew off, his first
competition. Sean is a committed and consistent brewer who has a strong pioneering spirit for adventure and quality. Allan Dahle has been in business management for decades, successfully operating a chain of clothing stores and a Property Investment Company. Allan has a keen sense for business and brings a pragmatic and clear understanding of business operations to the team. Allan is passionate about the pioneering spirit of Utah and wants to make Canyon Brewing a beacon for craft beer lovers throughout the state and region (our light will shine brightly). Paul Randak has 30 years of marketing and branding experience. Paul successfully opened and
operated a watering bottling company, Stiles Mineral Water (those of you that can remember the 80's). Paul worked for a startup wine importer in Utah marketing a line of Spanish wines throughout the western Unites States. Paul was an advertising and marketing consultant for Squatters Brew Pub for their first 4 years, coming up with such memorable campaigns as "Good for What Ales You". We also have a few other adventurous souls who are joining the Canyon Brewing dream, and we will be sharing their information very soon.

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